World’s Longest And Highest Glass Bridge In China Closes Due To High Demand
  • The £48 million walkway in southern China is forced to close today after it opened on August 20
  • Thousands of people flocked to stand on the 984-foot-high 1,410-foot-long structure every day
  • A spokesman said ‘there were too many people’ but he insisted there were no safety concerns

The world’s longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge has been forced to close in order to undergo ‘an internal system upgrade’ after an overwhelming number of tourists flocked to walk across the transparent structure standing some 980 feet high.

The walkway in southern China, which cost £48 million to build, opened on August 20 and halted its operations today, according to People’s Daily Online.

A spokesman from the attraction told MailOnline that the bridge is designed to support a maximum of 800 people at a time, and it has received around 10,000 tourists a day since its opening.

The spokesman insisted the glass floor of the bridge is safe.

The see-through bridge is located in the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, a popular scenic spot in China known to have inspired the American blockbuster Avatar.

The same spokesman said government of the local Zili County had requested the bridge to close after it realised that the structure had attracted an overwhelming number of tourists. The management decided to follow the instruction.

He said the bridge has been closed for ‘maintenance’ and ‘upgrading

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