Witches Brew Halloween Treats


No tricks here! Just sweet Halloween treats served in a wow-worthy display.



-Black cast iron pot (or other container of choice)
-Plastic “test tubes” found in the party section at craft stores
-Green juice drink
-Candy of choice
-Florist picks (tops removed)
-White “spider web” netting found in Halloween/seasonal section of craft store
-Florist foam (dry)


Step 1

Line cast-iron pot with a plastic grocery bag. Cut pieces of florist foam to fit inside pot. Pull the “spider web” netting apart and place on top of florist foam allowing it to hang over the sides.


Step 2

Insert florist picks and plastic “test tubes” randomly into foam. Fill florist picks with stick-type candy. Fill some tubes with various candy pieces and fill other tubes with green juice.


Step 3

Continue until desired look is reached.

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