The Walking Dead: Time to Dissect the Latest Info About Season 7

Ready for more Walking Dead?

If you said no, we totally understand. While the return of AMC’s biggest show sounds like a great thing, it also means we have to face the fact that someone’s dead, and dead in a truly terrible way.

Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his BFF Lucille (a baseball bat covered in barbed wire) made contact with one of many possible characters at the end of season six, and no matter who it ends up being, it’s not going to be pretty.

Despite the fact that we’re in between seasons, Walking Dead customer service representativeChris Hardwick dusted off the Talking Dead set tonight for a quick look at what’s to come in season seven. It was, as usual, not very revealing. This show’s pretty secretive, and it seems that not even Hardwick knows all that much about what’s to come.

Regardless of how little we know, it sounds like we should be ready to hold onto our hats and cower under anything it’s possible to cower under as we wait for this season to arrive.

Chandler Riggs advised us to hold onto our cats, and this is going to be one rough premiere, according to Melissa McBride. “You’re not prepared for what’s coming,” she warned.

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After a quick preview featuring Dwight attempting to escape some walkers on a motorcycle, Hardwick (verrry quickly) read a very interesting statement from executive producer Scott M. Gimple:

“You know the beginning, and it’s almost here, so enjoy your summer because the beginning is someone’s end. But it is a beginning. What happens in episode one will shatter the lives of those who survive and will rend the narrative into different trajectories in which we will see our characters in completely new situations, torn from the pages of the comic and remixed in theWalking Dead remixinator 5000.”

“We’ll see an all new different worlds with new friends, enemies, and other, with alignments ranging from lawful good to chaotic evil and all the neutrals in between and we’ll see unthinkable dangers from the damnedest of places, yes there will be blood but there will also be cobbler, we kid you not. there’s going to be a hard goodbye at the beginning, but you know that, and it’s almost here. As Simon says, be good to each other.”

Shatter? Unthinkable dangers? Cobbler?! Is Carol moving on from cookies?! Can we have some?!

What do you think the cobbler’s about? Who do you think will die? Sound off in the comments!

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 23 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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