St Petersburg Metro explosion: CCTV image of suspect emerges after at least 10 killed by ‘briefcase’ bomb

Explosion on Metro train in Russian city of St Petersburg

  • At least 10 killed and dozens injured by ‘briefcase’ bomb
  • CCTV image released of suspected attacker at station
  • Blast reported to have been caused by shrapnel-filled device
  • Claims bomb left in briefcase before owner moved carriages
  • Another unexploded bomb deactivated at another station
  • Putin was in city for meeting 
  •  with Belarusian counterpart
  • Everything we know so far about the St Petersburg explosion
  • A CCTV image of the alleged Saint Petersburg “briefcase” bomber has been released after at least 10 people were confirmed to have been killed in the Metro attack.

    Another 39 injured people remain in hospital following the blast on the Russian city’s subway network on Monday afternoon that is reported to have involved a shrapnel-filled device.

    One witness claimed the bomb might have been planted in a briefcase by a man who then changed carriages. Officials confirmed a second unexploded device was later found at another station and deactivated.

  • A CCTV image of the alleged bomber was later published in Russian media. Police are seeking the man, who has a beard and was wearing a black hat.

    No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, which happened while Russian President Vladimir Putin was visiting the city. Detectives have opened a terror investigation.

    Alleged St Petersburg attacker

    CCTV image of the alleged St Petersburg attackerCREDIT: TWITTER/PEH

    Pictures posted on social media show the door of a Metro train that had been blown out in the blast. Other images showed passengers lying on the ground of a station platform.

    Initial reports suggested there had been two explosions, but it was later confirmed that there was a single blast on one train between two stations. The home made device was thought to be equivalent to 200 grams of TNT and was placed on the carriage.

  • Victims were seen being taken out into Sennya Square, a busy intersection station where three of St Petersburg’s five metro lines intersect.

  • Putin – who was meeting his Belarusian counterpart 

  • Lukashenko in St Petersburg today – expressed his condolences and vowed a full investigation. Stay with us for the latest updates.

  • Russian detectives open terror investigation into bomb blast

    The Russian Investigative Committee has said on its website that it has opened a criminal case under the Terrorist Act after the St Petersburg bomb.

    Earlier, a Russian official used the phrase “terrorist attack” in an interview before the comment was retracted.

    The Russian Investigative Committee said it will “continue to check all possible versions of what happened”.

  • 10 killed in attack: seven at station, one in ambulance and two at hospital

    Russia’s health minister has now said that 10 people have died after the St Petersburg subway blast, including seven at the scene, one in an ambulance and two at hospital.


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