Jeffrey Dean Morgan says The Walking Dead season 7 “gets seriously weird with Negan around”

The new series villain admits it was “hard” to take out one of his castmates.

Negan in The Walking Dead season 7 (Entertainment Weekly exclusive)

Negan is the most brutal villain to appear on The Walking Dead to date – and he might just also be the strangest.

And star Jeffrey Dean Morgan had a clear warning at San Diego Comic-Con, telling reporters thatthings will get “seriously weird with Negan around” in season seven.

“The comics only give you so much – they’re great, it’s a wonderful navigation, but with Negan, it’s given me an opportunity to do something I have never done before,” he said.

Negan, The Walking Dead line-up

Negan first appeared in season six’s intense finale, brutally beating one of Rick’s group to death – though the identity of the victim was left a mystery.

“It’s been hard losing someone – and being the cause of that, in a kind of a way, that also sucked,” Morgan admitted.

“But that being said, I feel like I’ve been embraced by the cast. It’s gonna be hard – it’s gonna be hard until it’s not anymore, and I don’t know when that’s gonna be!”

Morgan’s first scene was a 12-page sequence – most of it an extensive Negan monologue. So it’s no surprise the actor admitted to being “a little nervous going in.”

“But I remember right before I walked out of that trailer for the first time, this weird kind of calm came over me,” he said.

“The rest of the cast were acting their asses off – and to do that, and be that vulnerable, for a guy that’s just walking in and kind of turned the show upside down, that’s a testament to them.”
Negan, The Walking Dead killer line-up

Oh – and there’s good news for fans disappointed that the scene was missing Negan’s liberal use of the F-bomb from the comic book.

His bad language will be restored on DVD and Blu-ray – with more swear-heavy alternatives of “key scenes” being shot for season seven. F**k, yeah!

The Walking Dead will return to AMC on October 23, with FOX UK following less than 24 hours later on October 24.

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