iOS 10 vs. Android 7.0 Nougat: Best New Features & Tweaks

The beta’s face off! How does Apple’s iOS 10 compare to Google’s Android Nougat?

As we approach the tail end of Summer and head towards Autumn (Fall if you’re American), the set of expected high-end handsets has narrowed down to a small handful; but crucially this handful includes amongst its number several key devices which will debut brand new versions of Google and Apple’s major OS software platforms: Android and iOS.

Google will release two handsets this year but unlike previous years they WILL NOT be called Nexus phones; no, this year Google is switching things up and launching a brand new phone brand — the Google Pixel phone brand.

This move is apparently part of a wider initiative inside Google where it will play a closer role in the development of hardware. We have already seen what Google is capable of in this regard with the awesome Chromebook Pixel and the rather underwhelming but very good-looking Google Pixel C.

A Pixel Phone, therefore, feels like a natural successor and while it is sad that Google’s Nexus brand is effectively over, the idea of Google taking a more hands-on approach to the creation of its phones definitely has its positives. This year’s Pixel phones will apparently feature a bunch of exclusive software features that other Android phones will not get. Also, Pixel phones will always get updates first — just as Nexus phones did before them.

HTC is making this year’s Pixel phones, but after that Google will likely undertake the OEM duties itself with a partner like Foxconn.

Apple will release its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handsets in September. The iPhone 7 will launch on September 7 with key updates to the camera, display tech, CPU and storage options — 256GB is expected on the Plus model and the 16GB entry model will be discontinued with 32GB taking over as the base mode.



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