Google is making a MAJOR change for its next Android smartphones

UPCOMING smartphone releases could see a major makeover for Google’s own-brand phones – and possibly even to Android itself.


Google is planning a major shake-up for its smartphones as the company edges towards a potentially new family of mobile devices.

The search giant is set to ditch the Nexus brand name on its devices for an all-new look that focuses more on the Google name itself, sources speaking to AndroidCentral claimed.

The new branding could even be seen in the next few months, as preparations for two new HTC-built smartphones continue ahead of expected launch later this year.


The move looks to be influenced by Google’s move towards what it did in the early days of Android devices, when Nexus smartphones sported “with Google” branding, even though third-party manufacturers actually built the devices.

Google has partnered with multiple companies to build its Nexus devices, including LG, Huawei and Samsung along with current beau HTC .

The sources also claim that the Android user experience itself is also set for a change, as Google moves away from the previous builds to offer a broader range of extra software and services for its users.

These would come on top of the offerings within Android 7.0 Nougat, the latest version of Google’s mobile software, which was released earlier this month.

Typically, Nexus devices have been the first to receive the latest versions of Android, with Google restricting the roll out to other companies until it has had time to iron out any issues.


Reports of the latest Nexus (or Google) smartphones have ramped up in recent months.

Codenamed Sailfish and Marlin, the devices are set to be released later this year, possibly as early as next month.

Previous reports suggest Sailfish will sport a five-inch 1920 x 1080 display with 32GB of internal storage and 4GB of RAM.

Meanwhile, the Marlin is expected to ship with a larger 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 display and 3,450 mAh battery.

A 12MP rear camera, rear-mounted fingerprint scanner and reversible USB Type-C connection is rumoured for both Sailfish and Marlin.


Google is reportedly planning black, white or silver and “Electric Blue” variations of the smartphones.

Elsewhere, the next Nexus phones are expected to ship with an exclusive new Android Launcher that shuns the iconic App Drawer.

Instead, apps will be distributed across the Home Screen panels, like on Apple’s iOS.

A system-wide easy-on-the-eyes Night Light Mode is also expected to feature in the updated Android software, alongside a permanent calendar widget and animated on-screen buttons.

Google is also believed to be working on live wallpapers that bring additional functionality to the device.

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