Game of Thrones: When will Dany arrive at King’s Landing? Will showrunners drag it onto Season 8?

As season 6 of Game of Thrones came to a close, we saw that Daenerys Targaryen and her fleet were making their way across to King’s Landing, but when will the producers and showrunners actually have Dany arrive?

One thing we know about the forthcoming seventh season of Game of Thrones is that Winter is well and truly coming, and if Dany is sailing West, then she is going to encounter some sort of trouble along the way is Winter arrives. So it has got us wondering when on earth she actually will land.

As we all know, Game of Thrones has very limited time left. It basically only has one seasons worth of episodes in the mix. We’re used to seeing 10 episodes per season, and the next two seasons combined will feature just 13 episodes – 7 being in Season 7, and 6 featuring in Season 8.

When watching Game of Thrones, sometimes some scenes and some plotlines can feel a little bit rushed. If you blink, you’ll miss it, or if you miss an episode and don’t watch it then sometimes you can be left feeling a little bit lost. However, having said that, one or two episodes in the typical season run is a bit filler-ish and could easily be trimmed from the season. So with Season 7 featuring just 7 episodes, the execs have a lot to fit in.

One thing is for sure, Dany is not going to arrive in the West in the first episode of the season. Normally, the first episode sets this, that, and the other up to explode within the first two or three episodes, and that’s when we think Dany may well land.

If we look back at the time when Tyrion did a similar trip, in which he set sail for Essos but arrived in Pentos. At the beginning of season 5, he when made a move to Meereen, and he arrived in the seventh episode of season 5, according to Bustle



It begs the question of whether the producers will take Dany’s trip to take just as long, as if they do, then we may see her journey stretched over to season 8. Typically speaking, we normally have some sort of sh*t storm around episodes 8 and 9, with episode 10 of the season wrapping all the loose ends up. So, having said that, could we end up seeing Dany arriving at King’s Landing toward the end of season 7, but not actually take back what’s hers until season 8?

Whilst that is a possibility, we think that with the very limited time that the producers have got left, they’ll make Dany’s journey a bit of a quick one and we could even see her arriving within the first couple of episodes. If she is off to confront King Tommen, then that would be perfect for episode 3 or 4… If that does happen, the we could see what is next for Dany before season 7 comes to an end. Having said that, we have seen some journey’s take place within one episode in the past that really should have taken a little longer, so it all depends.

When do you think Dany will arrive in King’s Landing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, below.

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