‘Flying Snake’ Attacking Customers In A Cyber Cafe Goes Viral


Some of us profess to having a phobia about certain insects but we can all agree that the sight of a snake on the loose will cause most people to panic.

This group of customers in a cyber cafe who had a close encounter with the slippery reptile will probably agree.

In a viral video shared on Facebook on Sunday, a customer in a cyber cafe in central Thailand’s Ang Thong Province found himself face to face with the scaly intruder when he opened the cyber cafe door to leave.

The footage shows the man holding the door open for several minutes as he chats to another customer when a snake suddenly springs through the gap in the doorway, landing directly on him.

Pic: FacebookPic: Facebook

The CCTV footage posted to Facebook by Chanayut Saithong shows the surprised customer’s reaction, as he rolls around in panic before pushing away the snake, sending the legless reptile right into the direction of two other customers, causing sheer pandemonium to break out.

The other two customers can be seen climbing over chairs and bolting in sheer terror as well.

According to a report on Thai online news portal Post Today, no one was injured in the unfortunate incident and the and the snake has reportedly been safely relocated.

The ‘flying snake’ incident has since been widely shared on social media garnering over 5.1k views in two days with many viewers cracking up over the customers reaction, especially the man in the red shirt and his kungfu kick as he tries to evade the slippery intruder.

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