Find Out Which Android O Feature Nexus 6P And 5X Do Not Support

These past couple of months have been tough for the Nexus line of phones. Even though Nexus devices have quite a loyal fan base which they managed to gather due to their impressive abilities to support various experiments and whatnot with custom ROMs, as well as their overall good specs and such, the truth still remains that Nexus phones are mediocre at best. They are way too easy to break or crack, their battery life is shorter than the life of a small insect and they can get glitchy and crashy with age.

Google seems to know that Nexus isn’t doing so great, because it’s giving it the short end of the stick recently. While their other phones in the Pixel line are receiving a lot of attention from the mother company, Nexus phones have been left to fend for themselves more or less. And now another blow to their reputation has been added, namely the fact that the Nexus 6P and 5X will not support a coveted Android O feature. Curious what that is? Then keep on reading!

No aptX for Nexus

The aptX feature that Android O will bring out this fall consists of Bluetooth streaming, and we would have imagined that it will come to all phones that support the new OS. Well, apparently not because the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X aren’t getting it. This might be because the two phones aren’t particularly appreciated for their Bluetooth connectivity, or it might be because the rumors are true and Google are starting to drop Nexus bit by bit in order to be able to focus their undivided attention on the Pixel line.

We’ll most likely never know because the company hasn’t offered an official explanation other than insinuating that these devices are too old for such features.

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