Check Out Game of Thrones’ Big Season 7 Tease (Plus a Gag Reel!)

Ready for a Game of Thrones season seven sneak peek?

Well you’re in luck! Sort of!

There’s no actual footage of season seven yet, given the fact that no filming of the actors has actually taken place, but HBO did debut as much of a first look as it could give us at today’s San Diego Comic Con panel. There are a few new lines (“Welcome home my queen”) accompanied by some beautiful shots of the production design team hard at work on the sets and props for the next season.

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Game of Thrones

Press play above!

The panel also showed off a fabulous gag reel, mostly featuring Peter Dinklage struggling to say the words “benevolent enslavers.” It’s worth every second, and we will absolutely be rewatching it during our long year of waiting for season seven to actually debut.

As for what we learned from the panel itself, there wasn’t much about the new season. However, thanks to Kristian Nairn, we did find out what Hodor would (jokingly) have said to Bran if he could actually say anything other than Hodor: “No.”

Game of Thrones returns to HBO for season 7 next summer.



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