Chicken nugget tweet breaks Twitter record

A tweet from a teenager asking a US fast food chain for a year’s supply of chicken nuggets has become the most retweeted ever. Carter Wilkerson’s plea broke Ellen DeGeneres’ record when he passed 3,430,249 retweets on Tuesday. A spokesperson for Wendy’s said: “We didn’t expect Carter’s response, and we couldn’t anticipate the overwhelming support […]

Easyjet forced couple off overbooked flight

The passengers were due to fly from Luton Airport to Catania in Italy last Monday Two Easyjet passengers were removed from an overbooked flight and not offered compensation a day after a United Airlines passenger was dragged off a plane in the US. The British couple were due to fly from Luton Airport to Catania […]

Salvador: The city where children fend for themselves on the streets

Joao Vitor ended up on the streets aged 14 In 1937, Jorge Amado published Captains of the Sands, a novel about a gang of orphaned children living on the streets of Salvador, north-east Brazil. Eighty years on, little has changed – thousands of children and adolescents still roam the city and sleep rough. David Baker […]

Asylum boy attackers dubbed ‘scum’ by MP

The unnamed teenager was chased and attacked by up to eight people on Shrublands Avenue A gang who attacked a teenaged asylum seeker in Croydon on Friday have been called “scum” by the area’s MP. The Kurdish Iranian boy, 17, was waiting with two friends at a bus stop in Shrublands Road when he was […]

White House aides’ finances revealed in disclosure documents

Documents released by the White House have revealed millions of dollars in assets held by its senior staff. President Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, have assets valued between $240m and $740m (£191m- £590m). That includes a stake in Trump International Hotel, which earned Ms Trump between $1m and $5m last year. The […]

Mourinho looking forward to ‘interesting’ transfer window

United have been linked by the British media with a host of big-name players, including Atletico Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann and Monaco midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko. “I’m sure, at the end of the summer, probably we won’t have exactly my first options, because it’s difficult to succeed in every attempt,” Mourinho told reporters. “But I’m sure […]

Meet the fish with the heroin-like bite

Scientists from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the University of Queensland have solved the mystery of how a fish with sharp fangs gives a pain-free bite. The researchers discovered that the fang-blenny, a tiny reef-dwelling fish, has a venom that is laced with pain-killing chemicals. They say the discovery, published in the journal […]

Scientists Have Discovered a New Activity in Brain Our Cells

ASTONISHING ASTROCYTES The various processes in the human body are governed either by daily or seasonal cycles — or by the circadian rhythm, which is the human body’s internal sense of time. Now, scientists from the Washington University in St. Louis have made a discovery that could potentially change how we understand the body’s inner clock. […]

Now, You Can Send Lemonade Over the Internet

ELECTRIC LEMONADE Using a system of electrodes and sensors, researchers at the National University of Singapore can digitally transmit the basic look and taste of lemonade to a plain glass of water. The team used color and pH sensors to capture the lemony hue and acidity of fresh lemonade, and then transmitted the data to […]

REVEALED: Your postcode defines how SAFE your food is

With around 500,000 food poisoning cases a year, the latest Which? research reveals there is still a huge variation in food hygiene standards across the country, with one in five high or medium risk food establishments failing to meet requirements. Which? found that in 20 local authority areas the chances of someone buying from a […]