Best Strategy War Games for Android

Strategy war games are some of the best time killers ever and those of you who were gaming on PCs in the last decade will remember classics like Red Alert, Tiberian Sun, Total Annihilation and Star Craft etc. However, the same was not translated onto mobile gaming platforms and instead we got tower defense games, which aren’t too bad either.

Today however, we’re going to be listing some of the best strategy war games for Android that are available on the Play Store (not just tower defense titles) and can be downloaded on Android phones and tablets.


Clash of Clans needs no introduction. It’s the ever popular strategy war game available on both Android and iOS. The game is addictive to say the least as it brings base building, resource management, troop training and battles.

What keeps most people away from CoC is the assumption that it takes real money to win and consumes a lot of time if you play otherwise.

Both these assumptions are a little off, because not only can you progress smoothly without spending a single dollar, the point of the game is to build your base and army while making strategic choices and winning skirmishes.

A lot can be written about the game (you can tell I love it) but the point is that you should definitely give it a try if you’re in for a great war strategy game on your Android.



They don’t get better than XCOM when it comes to strategy, and this is one title that has been translated to mobile technology rather faithfully. The game plays great on both phones and tablets and brings the same familiar mix of tactics, risk-taking and luck-testing maneuvers that decide the fate of your soldiers.

Whether you’ve played the original or not, you can give this a try on your mobile device for tons of fun on the road or break-time war strategy gaming.



The Great Little/Big War Game series is one of my favorite war strategy games on Android, dating all the way back to the first title in the series. Not only are these games still one of the best renditions of classic Command & Conquer style gameplay, they also come with great graphics and run amazingly on all devices.

You get to choose your soldiers, take them on missions across varied terrains and fulfill objectives using strategy and smart choices. The game does feel a little confined in terms of area available for exploration, but it captures the spirit of strategy games really well, especially considering it’s running on mobile platforms.

The series has a couple of games now and you can try out the free versions with limited missions before you decide to buy the full ones.




Breach & Clear for Android is more of a hidden gem for most but is a very rewarding game if you’re willing to put effort and thinking into it.

It plays a lot like XCOM and will remind of you Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six tactical shooter because of its feel, looks and gameplay. The game also gives you the option to change camera views to truly feel the depth of your actions and choices.

Breach & Clear is also available on iOS but costs $3 more for Apple users.



Kingdom Rush is more of a tower defense game than a war strategy title but it does manage to bring more diversity than usual TD titles. There is a lot of depth here in terms of enemy variations and your own choices with heroes and battles. The game also manages to capture the fantasy world perfectly and if you’re looking for a good strategy game with a fantasy-style story and characters, this is your best bet.

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