Anna Jones on how to create the ultimate vegan picnic

Cauliflower samosas, watermelon lemonade, elderflower and pistachio cake… Oh, go on then

Image: Anna Jones on how to create the ultimate vegan picnic

Stretched out on a picnic blanket, a chilled bottle of rosé to hand and the sun soaking your skin are what the best picnics are made of. Fact. But then there’s a question of food. And for too long vegans have had a tough time of it, what with the British obsession for scotch eggs, sausage rolls and soggy ham sarnies.

Step forward Anna Jones. The queen of clean eating and author of A Modern Way To Cook has some super ideas for creating the ultimate vegan picnic. Anna, over to you…

Homemade pea and green herb hummus is my go-to picnic dip

“The kids love it with cute baby vegetables and sometimes I add an avocado to make it extra creamy. I use fresh peas in the springtime, but frozen peas or broad beans work just as well. Got some left? Stir it through pasta for tea or slather on bruschetta.”

 Friends always ask me to make my seeded crackers

“I always end up taking a big batch. They’re loaded with sunflower, poppy, sesame and chia seeds, have a very satisfying snap and go great with dips.”

Anna Jone's seeded crackers

No picnic’s the same without my pistachio and elderflower cake

“Once a year, elderflowers spring up all over Hackney where I live, so I head down to the park or marshes with my blue stepladder and pick as many of the flowers as I can. I get home and make gallons of cordial, which then goes into this cake. Instead of flour I use pistachios and polenta, which gives the cake a dense baklava feeling.”

Anna Jone's samosas

Anna Jones' pistachio cake

I always end up buying a good loaf of sourdough to take with me

“There just isn’t time to make you own! That said, I always make my own dips, as I think you can really taste the difference and make some really interesting combinations.”

I love good quality lemonade – have you tried watermelon flavour?

“Slice one lemon and put it into a big pan with the juice of another five lemons (about 200ml of juice). Pour in 125ml agave syrup and 100ml of water and bring to the boil. Mix well, then turn off the heat and allow to cool completely. Top up with 500ml cold water and 500g blitzed deseeded watermelon and serve over ice.”

Anna Jones' watermelon lemonade

I’m inspired by other foodie sites

“Green Kitchen Stories, 101 Cookbooks and My New Roots are always brilliant inspiration for me – they’re really worth taking a look at.”

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